Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Development & Planning Commission rejects Funicular extension request

A photomontage of the failed Gibraltar Funicular project which has been refused Planning Permission by the Planning Commission- Click to view larger image.The Development and Planning Commission has rejected a request from 21st Century Rock, the company behind the funicular project, for an extension to the period within which it can appeal an earlier decision refusing outline planning permission for the project.

At the end of last month, the DPC sent a damning refusal notice to 21st Century Rock that left doubt the commission’s members were fundamentally opposed to the scheme.

The objections focused mainly on environmental and heritage issues, though safety concerns were also raised.

The developer had 28 days from receipt of the formal notice to appeal the DPC’s decision, but the company asked for more time to consider its position.

Well-placed sources said yesterday that the DPC had turned down that latest application for an extended deadline.

The formal 28-day cut-off date expired at the beginning of this week and 21st Century Rock had still not filed an appeal.

The company could nonetheless re-submit its application from scratch if it wishes to proceed with the funicular project.

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Funicular Project Photomontage


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