Friday, September 16, 2005

Cruz quits party and ponders his political future

GSD merger fallout

F. Oliva reports

Nick Cruz has resigned from the executive committee of the GSD PartyGSD member Nick Cruz yesterday confirmed that he had resigned from the executive committee on September 5th following a series of political differences with party leader Peter Caruana.

The main reason for Mr Cruz’s decision has been his opposition to the ‘merger’ with Daniel Feetham’s Labour Party.

Speaking to the Chronicle Mr Cruz said there were important political incompatibilities with Labour on issues such as integration, and also questioned the motivation and political sincerity behind the move.

He further described Mr Feetham’s journeys across the local political spectrum since 2001 as “opportunistic.”

Mr Cruz said further resignations from the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) executive were possible in the coming weeks since the gut feeling of most members was to oppose the merger. People had only been persuaded otherwise after pressure from Mr Caruana, he declared.

Mr Cruz also criticises the current ‘presidential’ style of Government and would favour more of a cabinet and consensual approach to political decisions in Gibraltar.

A stalwart member of the GSD since the 1990’s, Mr Cruz believes that the GSD has now “lost its way.” He rules out joining any other of the other established parties or forming his own but shares a political affinity with the other GSD heavyweight Keith Azopardi who has also resigned. Mr Cruz praised his former colleague for his political astuteness and leadership qualities, and indicated that he had much in common with him.

As regards the future he did not rule out joining a new party that would be broadly based along the lines of the original GSD.


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