Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Copper in water problems continue say Opposition

St. Bernard’s Hospital

GSLP/Liberals has condemned the Gibraltar Government for the lack of information that has been made available in relation to the water supply problems at the new hospital.

The Opposition has also expressed concern that problems with drinking water in some parts of St Bernard’s Hospital continue “two months after the problem was raised in public.”

An Opposition spokesman said:

“In July, the Government issued a statement which said that tests on drinking water in buildings 3 and 4 of the hospital had shown a higher than normal copper content.

The Government also said at the time that more tests were being carried out in order to establish the actual position. The wards then affected comprised John Mackintosh Ward, Victoria McIntosh Ward, Rainbow Ward and Emily McIntosh Ward.

There has been no more news from Government on this matter, and the results of the further tests that were carried out have not been made public.

It is also not known whether the source and the reason for the problem have been identified.

We have established that bottled water is still being given out in affected parts of the hospital.

In the absence of any other official information, it is only logical to conclude that the problem must be more serious than the Government had originally thought.

We condemn the lack of follow-up information from the Government on this issue.

Quite apart from the serious questions of public health which this raises, the taxpayers of Gibraltar have a right to know what has gone wrong in the new hospital building for which they are paying so handsomely.”


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