Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Busy Weekend for RGP

The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) made 17 arrests on National Day, eight of them for drunk and disorderly behaviour.

A police spokesman noted that there were no instances of alcohol-fuelled misbehaviour by underage drinkers.

The RGP had warned in the run-up to National Day that it would crack down heavily on underage drinking in the streets. Of the remaining arrests, one was for grievous bodily harm, one for causing damage, three for possession of a controlled drug and four on warrants.

There were also three other traffic accidents with injuries on National Day, though none as serious as the Sundial incident.

The RGP also reported another serious accident in the early hours of Monday morning on Sir Herbert Miles Road. The incident result in extensive damage to the car involved, though luckily there were no injuries reported.

Benefit Fraud

Separately, the RGP said on Friday that officers from the Financial Crime Unit had arrested a local man for falsely obtaining supplementary benefit.

The investigations cover a period of two years during which time the man is believed to have obtained some £10,000.

In an unconnected incident, a local female was arrested for the same offence, although this time the period under investigation was two months and the amount obtained around £500.

Both the man and the woman, neither of whom have been named, are on police bail while investigations continue.

The arrests come as a result of an ongoing police crackdown on benefit fraud.


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