Friday, September 09, 2005

Bruzon looks ahead to a Gibraltar fully self governing territory

Commonwealth parliamentary conference * ‘GSLP laid foundations for finance centre’ delegates told

Opposition spokesman Charles Bruzon has told the small countries conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meeting in Fiji that one day all remaining British colonies shall take their place in the Commonwealth as fully self-governing territories.

Mr Bruzon said his comments were very well received by the delegates. Mr Bruzon addressed the first session of the conference on the impact of information technology.

He said that the Gibraltar opposition were fully supportive of the development of IT and he says that he highlighted “the fact that much of the economic development of Gibraltar can be traced back to the then GSLP Government’s decision to replace the antiquated telephone exchange”.

This, he argued, had made possible the attraction of financial services and banking and laid the foundation for an expansion in the presence of gaming companies.

Mr Bruzon went on to stress the importance of instant access to information to colonial territories in general and to Gibraltar in particular.

“This has made a huge difference to our ability to keep abreast of developments at the UN in our struggle for decolonisation and the exercise of the right to self-determination,” he told the conference.

Charles Bruzon explained that before these developments in IT Gibraltar had to rely entirely on the information that it could extract from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office which was usually too little too late to be of much use in pursuing opportunities to advance Gibraltar’s cause and counteract Spain’s campaign against us.

Mr Bruzon concluded by saying for the remaining colonies to take their place in the Commonwealth of nations, all their peoples would have had to exercise their right to self-determination by selecting one of the options provided for by the United Nations.

“I have no doubt,” he declared, “that those of us that are still colonies can speak to those that have emerged from colonialism in the knowledge that our sentiments and aspirations are shared by those who have preceded us and that we can count on their support.”

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