Monday, September 19, 2005

British Forces help cleaning up Gibraltar

The Environmental Safety Group organising Gibraltar's Clean up the World Campaign this weekend, 18th and 19th September 2005
The British military community on the Rock carried out cleanups in various sites around Gibraltar on Friday ahead of a major local effort at the weekend as part of the ‘Clean up the World’ campaign.

A 25-strong team from Headquarters British Forces, the Joint Provost and Security Unit and the Joint Administration Office are pictured hard at work in Europa Point. (Ed's note: No picture available online!)

Alongside numerous sacks of litter, they collected various large household items including a mattress and a fridge.

Other Ministry of Defence personnel were at work at various military sites. RAF personnel cleaned the safety barriers around the airfield, while others from the Joint Logistics Unit worked around the area of the Naval Base and the South Mole and a team from the Defence Communications Service Agency cleaned in the area of Middle Hill.

Military personnel, including families, continued their efforts in the area of Buffadero over the weekend.

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