Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Breed 77 rocking the crowds on the Rock!

Paul Isola lead singer of local band Breed 77 giving a 'mercurial' rendition of one of their songs during their performance at Commonwealth Parade - Image by kind permission of DM Parody © http://gibphotographer.blogspot.comOne of the most promising bands in the UK, Gibraltarian rockers Breed 77, rocked the crowds on Saturday night at Commonwealth Parade.

The crowd clearly apprecitating Breed 77's performance - Image by kind permission of DM Parody © http://gibphotographer.blogspot.comFor over an hour and a half, the band performed to a local audience that had not seen them on the Rock for a couple of years – in the meantime they have been making in-roads into the music markets in Australia, America and across Europe, their album Cultura having sold in excess of 40,000 in the UK so far and ready for release in Europe this month.

The band are back in the studio for a third album and the Gibraltar audience got an exclusive preview of some of the new material at the concert with the old favourites and tracks from both their first and second albums, offering the unique Breed 77 experience to a greatly appreciative crowd.

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Images by kind permission of DM Parody © Gibraltar Pics Photo Blog


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