Friday, September 16, 2005

The Bill: 175 Years on the Record

The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) social club was the setting for the presentation of a concise and well illustrated book on the history of the force in Gibraltar this week.

Coinciding with the 175 anniversary, Cecelia Baldachino and Tito Benady co-authored the book which is now on sale.

In presenting the book Chief Minister Peter Caruana, in the presence of the Governor Sir Francis Richards, the Commissioner Joe Ullger and many current and retired officers, highlighted how highly respected the police force is in the community and the importance of such a book that records Gibraltar’s civilian history.

Mr Caruana described that many, but not enough books, were now being written that record the transition from military to civilian rule of which the local police force was an important early example.

In a classic example of dry humour Mr Caruana noted that – in terms of the continued relationship between the Governor, and the Police - “some things never change.”

Mr Caruana recognised the vast improvements to the force from a small, ill-equipped force to the well equipped, modern force of today. Gibraltar, he said , has depended on so much good work of the RGP and this book had been able to reduce that to writing.

Mrs Baldachino noted that in her research she had realised how the people of Gibraltar had generally been good citizens and that most often the arrests had been for getting drunk, singing and playing the guitar.

Policing had faced the difficulty of a small community where people are often family or friends and yet this had been done fairly.


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