Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Beware false Euros, Police warn

Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) Financial Crime Unit yesterday issued a warning to the business community to keep vigilant before accepting any 50 Euro notes which bear the serial numbers V12549835284, V295734163884 and V14965389247.

On Monday the FCU and the RGP operations division concluded an investigation with the arrest of two British nationals in relation to the use of seven counterfeit 50 euro bank notes in September 2004.

As a result of the investigation a search warrant was executed and a further ten notes seized by police.

In a statement, the RGP said:

“These particular notes can be identified by the 50 mark on the bottom right hand corner of the counterfeit notes which does not change colour from brown to purple when moved in the light.

Also the hologram with the 50 mark does not change colour."

More notes may be circulating and people who come across a suspect note are asked to contact the police at New Mole House. They can also call the station on 72500 or the FCU directly on 74374.


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