Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Beautification scheme announced

Gibraltar Government has announced the commencement of a major scheme for the beautification and refurbishment of Chatham Counterguard, Orange and Montagu Bastions, Fish Market Road, Market Place and the Public Market.

Phase One of this major new road and urban renewal scheme that encompasses the area from Regal House to the car park in Fish Market Road, was put out to tender yesterday, a Government spokesman said. He continued:

“Phase One involves the following:

(1) Demolishing all buildings within Chatham Counterguard (previously occupied by Gibmaroc);

(2) Creating a new road through Chatham Counterguard, to link Reclamation Road to Fish Market Road. This will provide an alternative route to the northern areas of Gibraltar, and thus decongest Queensway, Waterport Roundabout and Glacis Road.

(3) Siting of a roundabout at the Irish Town end of Fish Market Road;

(4) Reconfiguration and provision of more parking spaces at Fish Market Car Park.

(5) General street refurbishment, beautification, re-furnishing and landscaping.

Later Phases of the Scheme will include:

Fish Market Road from Ocean Heights to the Public Market (including the refurbishment of the Public Market)

Market Place (Plaza del Reloj)

Recovery of Orange Bastion at both Irish Town and Line Wall Road.

Phase One is expected to complete by July 2006.”


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