Tuesday, August 16, 2005

VOGG reiterate right to self-determination

The Voice of Gibraltar Group (VOGG) has reiterated its support for tripartite talks as a way forward in providing an improved climate for regional cooperation although “under no circumstances must the Rock’s right to self-determination and sovereignty, in any measure, be prejudiced.”

VOGG spokesman Paul Tunbridge said:

“It goes without saying that Spain’s parallelism between cooperation and sovereignty is and will always be refuted.

Spain’s attempt at confidence-building has still a long way to go.

Whilst restrictions and exclusions are in force Sr Pons (Director General for Europe in the Spanish Foreign Ministry) has a hard task ahead.

While many on the Rock have got into a huff over Sr Pons article in the Chronicle, we are delighted that something has, at last, stirred the elected Opposition. We fully endorse the contents of their statement and sincerely hope that this is the start of a constructive engagement on the issue.

On the other hand, we are intrigued as to why Convent Place has not deemed it necessary to comment, the Chief Minister’s repose in Sotogrande notwithstanding.

Either the other ministers are also on holiday or are too busy catching up with the backlog, caused by the long waits they suffer, when required to consult their ‘supremo.’

An unambiguous statement from the Gibraltar Government would be sensible, otherwise the prevailing scepticism among most Gibraltarians will continue.”

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