Wednesday, August 24, 2005

VOGG accuse Caruana of “creating mistrust”

Voice of Gibraltar Group (VOGG) has criticised Chief Minister Peter Caruana for creating “mistrust” in the current political developments in relation to Spain.

Spokesman Paul Tunbridge said:

“There have been disruptions at the frontier since the beginning of the month, with no signs of it abating. Then, the Guardia Civil’s incursion into Gibraltar Harbour and now, the Chief Minister ‘disturbs’ his repose for ‘preparatory’ talks at a secret location; secret for some, Malaga for others.

This together with the Chief Minister’s sudden departure, with the now customary minimum detail announced, are the type of occurrences that create speculation, scepticism and outright mistrust on The Rock. So much for transparency and accountabi-lity, so regularly vaunted by this administration.

After nearly a year of the ‘new climate’, the Spaniards maintain their position on sovereignty, with everything else conditional on the advancement of their claim. The UK has not abandoned its ‘Spanish Dimension” solution, but ‘allows’ the Gibraltar and Spanish Governments to ‘get on with it’.

The Chief Minister uses all his political and diplomatic attributes to square the
circle. More and more people now consider his stance as a rear - guard action, which can only lead to a ‘callejón sin salida’.”


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