Thursday, August 18, 2005

US Congressmen plan Gibraltar visit

Gibraltar is scheduled to be one of the stops on a tour of Europe planned by members of the US House of Representatives looking at military installations.

Three Arkansas lawmakers are spending part of the month-long congressional recess on travel to Europe.

John Boozman will join several other lawmakers at the end of the month for an eight-day visit to England, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Gibraltar and Kosovo. Local sources said that the visit has not yet been finalised.

The delegation is tentatively scheduled to meet with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in England to discuss the recent terrorist bombings in London, Mr Boozman told reporters.

The delegation will spend the rest of the trip touring U.S. bases in Europe.
They will tour the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Joint Warfare Centre and Joint Operations Centre in Norway to learn about NATO’s role in combating terrorism.


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