Friday, August 26, 2005

Spaniard arrested for threats in name of Al Qaeda

Spanish police said yesterday they had arrested a Spanish man on suspicion of sending threatening faxes in the name of al Qaeda.

The man, identified only as J.R.M., would be charged with “making threats in the name of a terrorist group”, a police spokesman said.

The faxes were written in Arabic and sent to four or five editorial offices, including newspapers and a television and radio station, the spokesman said.

Newspaper ABC said it had received one of the faxes and that the threat it contained was against the Vatican and connected with the war in Iraq.

The police spokesman was unable to say whether there were likely to be more arrests or whether there were grounds to think Al Qaeda was actually involved.

“We always take them (threats) seriously ... sometimes the person later turns out to be a crackpot,” he said.


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