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RGP Survey - One in three respondents want more Police in the streets

RGP public survey

Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) Public Survey - One in three respondents want more Police on the streets
Drugs, vandalism and youth delinquency are the three main problems that the public feel the police should concentrate on, according to a survey carried out for the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP).

The same study found that, on the public’s list of policing priorities, clearing pavements of cars to allow access to pushchairs is more important than tackling smuggling, enforcing the seatbelt law or clamping down on fighting and violence.

Only 7% of those who participated in the survey felt that Gibraltar had a serious crime problem. But it was clear from the results of the study that the public feels that the amount of traffic on Gibraltar’s roads is an issue of concern.

Asked whether they thought that the “traffic situation” in Gibraltar was improving, 64% of those asked replied negatively, while 52% of respondents, around 185 people, felt the police response to traffic offences was inadequate.

Speeding, particularly young people on motorbikes, was the top concern on the roads, followed by the shortage of parking.

These were some of the findings in a telephone survey carried out on behalf of the
RGP and published in its latest annual report.

A total of 355 people, 215 of them women, were asked a series of questions as part of the study. Respondents from different residential areas in Gibraltar were selected at random from the telephone directory.

“The main thrust of the survey…was to ascertain the public’s opinion of the services offered by the Royal Gibraltar Police,” the annual report stated.

Most of those who took part in the study felt that Gibraltar was a safe place to live in.

Survey ascertains the public’s opinion of the services offered by the Royal Gibraltar Police as average to excellent
Overall, 90% of those who answered the questions described the service provided by the RGP as average to excellent, though 36% of people said police presence in their area was poor.

According to the annual report, there were 3820 crimes reported over the past year and 1674 persons arrested, of which 391 were cautioned and 277 released. The RGP’s detection rate improved slightly to 49%.

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