Friday, August 05, 2005

Reform Party unsurprised by Feetham “absorption”

The Reform Party yesterday said it was not surprised by the “absorption by the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) of Daniel Feetham’s Labour Party.”

In a statement RP leader Lyana Armstrong Emery said there was “a certain logic in their combining given the broad similarity of these two local ‘Tory’ parties.” She said:

“So has the GSD-GSLP duo once more seen off all third-party challenges and re-emerged as the one and only political ‘game in town’? Not quite! There are still those who believe that a better alternative is needed for Gibraltar.

But what alternative, what’s to be done?

It’s obvious; If you don’t want yet another round of the stale old GSLP-GSD ‘Joe versus Peter’ show, you only have one real choice, the Reform Party.”


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