Sunday, August 21, 2005

PSOE MP to mediate as Frontier action set to continue

Policia Nacional work to rule

Industrial action by the Spanish Policia Nacional at the frontier is set to continue but will be toned down over the weekend, Jose Manuel Sanchez spokesman for the Sindicato Unificado de Policia confirmed to the Chronicle yesterday.

Sr Sanchez has also reacted to comments in the local press that criticised earlier remarks he made apologising to Spanish workers for the long frontier delays of the past few weeks.

“We want to make clear that we regret the effects not just on Spanish workers but also on Gibraltarian citizens,” said Sr Sanchez.

The SUP spokesman also replied to the criticism that it appeared as if it was only the frontier that was being targeted by the disgruntled policemen. He replied that the industrial action over a pay dispute with the PSOE central Government had not been “invented” by them, but followed a nationwide instruction by the police union headquarters in Madrid to its members.

“The reality is that the action at the Gibraltar frontier has a greater media impact, than an action in the Valencia police station where it can go on practically unnoticed,” he said.

Sr Sanchez explained that the reason for the action was the delay in the implementation of a national pay review which was finalised and signed with the Ministerio del Interior (Spanish Ministry of the Interior) at the beginning of the year.

“This is our only means of action to be heard so that we get what has been agreed,” added the SUP spokesman.

Sr Sanchez yesterday held a meeting with PSOE MP for the Campo Salvador de la Encina who is mediating in the conflict.

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Policia Nacional

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