Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Palm tree rescued from demilition works

The Wellington Memorial at the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens, the new site for the Date Palm rescued from demolition at the Generating StationA five metre tall Date Palm has been rescued by the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens from the demolition of the old generating station.

In an exercise funded by the developer of the site, with the co-operation of the Environment Ministry, the large tree was transferred to its new location on Wednesday afternoon in an operation that involved heavy digging and lifting equipment and three hours work.

A spokesman for the gardens said:

“The palm tree had been growing in a planter next to a building in the courtyard of the generating station below Line Wall Road.

Its new location is near the Wellington Memorial in the Alameda Gardens, in a bed that is earmarked for further landscaping in the near future.

Provided it takes - and the chances are good - it should develop to its full potential and become a feature at the southern end of the Alameda’s Upper Walk.

This adds to the Botanic Garden’s increasing collection of palm trees of different species, and becomes the largest Date Palm in this collection.”


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