Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Party lashes out at Government Tourism Policy

Charles Gomez - Leader of New Gibraltar Democracy, Gibraltar's latest political partyThe Rock’s newest political party New Gibraltar Democracy that was formed just weeks ago, has criticised the GSD Government’s announcement of a £2m spending plan for the Upper Rock.

The party is led by well known local lawyer Charles Gomez.

In a statement issued yesterday Mr Gomez has accused the government of resorting to “hype” to “mask its shortcomings in tourism policy.”

And Mr Gomez has drawn attention to the fact that the nature reserve, which forms a major part of the tourist product, lacks toilet facilities.

Mr Gomez said:

“The GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) Government says that it has allocated £2m to improve the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. The “Reserve” is our main tourist attraction and includes St Michael’s Cave and several historical sights of which the Moorish Castle has been closed for nearly two years. 750,000 visitors pay several million pounds a year to Government in the form of entrance fees (possibly as much as £4m per year). Yet, shamefully, this major component of our economy lacks something as essential as proper toilet facilities.

After nine years of GSD administration the long delayed decision to provide public lavatories at some unspecified future date is presented amid the customary fanfare and ministerial self-satisfaction. According to the minister, this represents “the very best (his) Government can do.

The people of Gibraltar may think that the GSD’s “very best” is simply not good enough.

Responsibility for this situation lies fully with the elected Government and recurring suggestions by GSD apologists that the fault lies with civil servants is not acceptable.

Meanwhile, the Government must disclose to the people details of what the £2m is to be spent on, what timetable has been set for execution and completion of works, and what players in the industry it has consulted before allocating the £2m to the Upper Rock.”

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