Monday, August 01, 2005

More than 500 youngsters take part in Summer sports and leisure programme

* New Sports Minister Vinet pays a visit

Fabian Vinet - Minister for Heritage, Culture, Youth & Sport
Sports Minister Fabian Vinet visited the Stadium sports facilities on Friday to view and support the Summer Sports and Leisure Programme organised by the Gibraltar Sports Department through the Sports Development Unit.

Now in its seventh year the series of organised events have proved to be a great success with the youngsters of all ages.

This year between 500 and 600 children are taking part in the Programme each and every day and Government is extremely satisfied with the results. The programme is ongoing until Friday 26th of this month.

Mr Vinet, presented a series of certificates and prizes to the participating children. He told the Chronicle about his views on the activities provided and said the programme had continued to grow over the years both in popularity and in terms of the activities provided.

“Youngsters aged seven and over are able to enjoy a huge range of sports, from angling to volleyball, from rugby to canoeing, as well as leisure activities such as drama workshops or dog handling, all under the watchful eye of Michelle Smallwood and her team of sports leaders. He commented further:

"I think it is important to point out that these sports leaders, some of whom are employed during the summer by the Sports Authority and others being volunteers, receive professional training in child safety and other relevant areas, so this is certainly a very efficient, well organised and disciplined arrangement, albeit with the emphasis on fun.”

Mr Vinet was able to see for himself how much enjoyment these children were deriving from the activities. He added:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sports leaders and their assistants, the different sports associations and organisations who are in any way contributing, as well as private sector sponsors.

We will of course continue supporting this with the same enthusiasm it has up to now.

The Programme allows our youngsters to develop an interest in a wide range of sports and leisure activities, enabling them to keep fit whilst at the same time giving them a great deal of fun and enjoyment.

We are all very enthusiastic about the results and certainly we in Government are completely committed to sport and recognise the role that sport and leisure plays within a positive lifestyle.”


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