Sunday, August 21, 2005

MOD warning after youths don combat gear and mock guns

Whilst Gibraltar Squadron was escorting the RFA Oakleaf into harbour yesterday, two individuals apparently dressed in military uniform were spotted in canoes in the water near the Naval base.

The individuals were later identified as local youths who had dressed up in combats and were carrying replica firearms in order to get photos of themselves.

Operations Officer, Commander Jock Gordon said:

"It was very lucky this incident did not end differently. Gibraltar Squadron are trained to spot terrorists and to intercept small craft using firearms if necessary.

These boys may have thought it was fun to sit in a canoe looking like Special Forces, but they put themselves in a very dangerous position.

HMS Scimitar - 16m Fast Patrol of the Gibraltar Squadron and sister ship to HMS Sabre
In today’s security climate, dressing up like Special Forces next to military installations could result in very unfortunate circumstances developing.”

HMS Scimitar from Gibraltar Squadron took them ashore where they were reprimanded by the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP).


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