Thursday, August 11, 2005

Local woman on drug charges

The case of a local woman facing a number of drug related charges has been adjourned until next week at the Magistrates Court.

An RGP spokesman said:

“On Tuesday August 9th 2005 as a result of Drug Squad operation ‘Snamor’ police officers arrested Joanna Falzun 28, of 8/2 Lime Kiln Steps.

This was as a result of her being found to be in possession of 11 individual wrappers containing cocaine and a small amount of cannabis resin.

A search warrant was executed at her residence with the assistance of the Customs Drug Dog Search Team, resulting in the seizure of drug paraphernalia.

Falzun was subsequently charged with the following offences: possession with intent to supply approximately nine grammes of cocaine; possession of ten grammes of cocaine; importation of ten grammes of cocaine; possession of 1 gramme of cannabis resin and exportation of one gramme of cannabis resin.

The woman has been granted legal aid and she has not entered a plea.

"The case has been adjourned until the 19th,” added an RGP spokesman.


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