Thursday, August 18, 2005

Guardia Civil were ‘concerned about terrorist threat'

Boat chase incident

A Guardia Civil launch similar to the one that chased a local speedboat into the heart of Gibraltar’s harbour on Monday
The Guardia Civil who chased a local pleasure boat into Gibraltar’s harbour after the occupants failed to respond to their call to stop made contact with the MOD and may have acted originally on concerns that the vessel could potentially be involved in a terrorist act, it has emerged.

The Strait of Gibraltar is regularly patrolled under NATO supervision against the terrorist threat.

Although full details have not emerged, the MoD yesterday did confirm to the Chronicle that it was at their request that the Guardia Civil reported to the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP).

Gib Squadron asked them to come alongside and speak to the RGP,” said a spokesman. This was to pass command of the incident on to the RGP. The Spanish vessel left soon after making contact with the local authorities but had stirred considerable interest in the public looking on perplexed at Monday’s brief incident.

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