Thursday, August 04, 2005

GSD-Labour merger edges closer

By Brian Reyes

The GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) and the Labour party are today expected to issue a joint statement setting out details of the link between the two parties.

Although the move will be described as a merger of Labour with and into the GSD, the emerging party will carry only the GSD name.

It will also keep the ruling party’s existing internal structures and continue to pursue the GSD’s existing policies.

In an interview with the Chronicle this week, Peter Caruana, the Chief Minister and leader of the GSD, said the fusion was “not a coming together of equals or anything like equals”, something that has also been recognised publicly by Labour party leader Daniel Feetham.

Although the fine detail should be confirmed today, the Chronicle understands that three members of the Labour party’s executive will join the GSD executive after the summer break.

The three have yet to be named but sources close to the Labour party said that possible candidates for the posts, alongside party leader Daniel Feetham, could include Charlie Bishop, Joe Bishop, Nigel Feetham, Anthony MacDonald, Chris Montegriffo and Kim Karnani Santos.

The Labour party’s remaining members will have the option of joining the GSD.


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