Monday, August 08, 2005

Government moves to act on recurrent beach complaints

The much-criticised practice of securing prime beach spots by leaving beach umbrellas tied to tables overnight could come to an end as from this week.

The Gibraltar Tourist Board (GTB) has warned that unattended items left at Camp Bay and Little Bay will now be removed during early-morning cleanups.

As from this Wednesday, any items that are left unattended between 7am and 7.45am daily will be removed.

“This includes beach umbrellas, tables, chairs etc,” the GTB said in an official government notice published today.

“This measure has had to be implemented both to facilitate the daily beach cleaning and the use of beach amenities by the general public.”

As happens every summer, there have been a number of angry complaints in the media from beach goers who say it is unfair that others are allowed to hoard the top spots, even on days when they are not actually at the beach.


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