Saturday, August 13, 2005

Gibraltar's interest in Sanlucar horse races grows

Sanlucar de Barrameda horse races start from August 1st 2005
Local interest in the beach horse races at Sanlucar de Barramedais growing as evidenced by the initiative of a local tour operator to organise coaches for the second cycle of races that will take place next week 16-18th August.

Gibraltar’s historic links to the races has been an added incentive for the event to capture local attention.

The races, established by Sanlucar fishermen in 1845, were developed under the notable influence of British horse-racing rules and traditions in which Gibraltar also played a part.

In the 1920’s the offices of the Andalusian regional horse racing authority was located at 4 College Lane.

The first cycle of races was attended by some 60,000 people each day with numerous celebrities, bullfighters and tv stars attending and even members of the Spanish Royal Family such as King Juan Carlos’ cousin Dna Beatriz de Orleans-Borbon. Other VIP guests included Spain’s Minister for the Interior Juan Jose Alonso, and the wife of Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos and a celebrity in her own right Teresa Rivero who is also president of Rayo Vallecano football club.

As an innovation, this year and in parallel to the main event, a trade fair named Expoturf –Congresur was also held to attract businesses interested in promoting their products and services in conjunction with the races.

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