Monday, August 15, 2005

Gibraltar Government announce new RAC Hotel gradings

Gibraltar Government has today announced the latest grading for local hotels under the famous RAC (Royal Automobile Club) award system.

The RAC granted a second Dining Award to the Rock Hotel, two Dining Awards to the The Caleta Hotel and one to the Eliott Hotel.

Acting Chief Minister Joe Holliday said:

“The RAC have just completed their annual inspection of the hotels in Gibraltar that participate in the Gibraltar Tourist Board’s (GTB) Official Hotel Grading Scheme.

The inspections have been a great success with the RAC having awarded a second Dining Award to The Rock Hotel, two Dining Awards to The Caleta Hotel and one to the Eliott Hotel.

The Rock Hotel has retained its White Ribbon Award, which is awarded to hotels that achieve high standards of hospitality, service, comfort and cuisine.

The Continental Hotel’s new management team are particularly pleased at having achieved a two-star status for the Hotel following radical improvements.

The enthusiasm with which the participating hotels have worked with the RAC and the Gibraltar Tourist Board to achieve better standards every year is very encouraging.”

Mr Holliday, is a also Minister with responsibility for Tourism.

“Gibraltar can be proud of its hotel services. The continued success in this sector of the tourism industry is a reflection of Gibraltar’s increasing popularity as an overnight destination,” he added.

The Grading Scheme

Participation in the Government’s official grading scheme for hotels is not compulsory.

The following hotels participate in the official Grading Scheme and have obtained RAC Awards:

The Caleta Hotel - Four Stars & Two Dining Awards
The Eliott Hotel - Four Stars & One Dining Award
The Rock Hotel - Four Stars, Two Dining Awards & White Ribbon Award
The Continental Hotel - Two Stars
The Cannon Hotel - One Diamond.

Star awards are given to hotels; diamond awards to small hotels and guest houses.

Dining Awards

With one Dining Award the RAC recognises establishments providing tasty, carefully prepared food using fresh ingredients, served in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

With two Dining Awards customers can expect more imaginative cuisine from quality ingredients together with a real degree of technical skill.

Stars go out * RAC will abandon hotel inspections

The RAC hotel inspection and rating system is to be closed down next year after 101 years in business, bringing an end to the motor company’s hotel guidebook series, an article in The Guardian has said.

A spokesman for RAC said the decision was made for ‘the sole reason that it has become very expensive to run.

"We didn’t want to economise and risk lowering our standards, so this was the only option."

The Guardian said:

“The organisation will bring out one more guide in its range Hotels and Bed and Breakfast in January.

By the end of 2006 the guide will no longer be available, and hotels won’t be allowed to publicise their RAC ratings, or display plaques refering to them.

The RAC is one of five organisations that rate the UK’s guest accommodation and hotels on diamond and star rating systems, along with the AA and tourist boards Visit Britain, Visit Wales and Visit Scotland.

The RAC’s individual rating scheme was likely to become redundant anyway, as all five bodies have been considering a new, unitary system combining their testing methods and ratings. rating that would come into play in 2006.”

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