Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gib men continue to be detained in Madrid

Drug money laundering ring

The two Gibraltarians detained in Madrid in connection with an alleged drugs and money-laundering organisation were arrested last weekend, even though the news only emerged on Thursday.

Spanish Police identified the men by their initials C.D. and L.C.D., adding only that they were British nationals resident in Gibraltar. But informed sources have confirmed that the men, father and son, are local.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has so far been unable to confirm whether or not the men have been visited and assisted by consular officials in Madrid.

Separately, a spokesman for the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) said there had been no formal notification of the arrests from Spain and that police there had so far made no requests for information from Gibraltar.

One of the arrested men detained during Operacion 'Hench' on Thursday 26 August 2005, being immobilised.In two separate swoops as part of Operation 'Hench', Spanish police detained six men, including the two locals, and seized 17 kilos of pure heroin with a street value of 2.85 million Euros, 500,000 Euros in cash and three vehicles.

The Gibraltarians, along with a Pakistani national, are alleged to have been involved in laundering the proceeds of the drugs through an ancient banking system that originated in Asia and is known as ‘hawala’.

The other three are alleged to have handled the illicit trafficking of the heroin.

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