Friday, August 26, 2005

GCSE Gibraltar Students also reach high standards

By Alice Mascarenhas

Bayside, Westside and Gibraltar College students will today be looking ahead to further achievements in education after another successful year at GCSE.

Once again the high standards achieved by the secondary schools and college in the recent past has been maintained with an overall pass rate of 66% from A* - C.

According to the Department of Education these results are well above the national average in UK with a 61.2%.

Similarly local percentages of A grades (with 29% in Bayside and 22% in Westside) are higher than the 18.4% achieved in the UK.

One exceptional student who has been given special mention by the Department of Education is Luke Perera who obtained 10 A stars. Luke has received letters of commendation by the AQA (Allied Qualifications Authority) Board for scoring one of the top five marks among all AQA candidates in UK in Sociology, History and English Literature.

Luke told the Chronicle yesterday, that he could not believe he had done so well. Holding on to his AQA Board letter he proudly showed off his achievement to everyone.

“I worked quite hard,” he said. All smiles he added, “I am very pleased and very surprised. I was very surprised when I actually got my results.” Luke had no doubt as to his A Level’s. “English Literature, History, Sociology and RE,” he said, and although he is considering a degree in law as a future option, he still has not made up his mind. In English Literature he achieved the top five out of over 47,000 students, in History out of 22,000 and in Sociology out of 13,000.

Yesterday Education Minister Dr Bernard Linares said he was very pleased with all these results which demonstrated the high standard of Gibraltar’s Education system. He congratulated all successful students and their teachers.

Following the excellent results achieved last week by A Level and AS Level students, both headmasters Ivan Navas (Bayside) and Alan Gordon (Westside) were all smiles again after viewing the results.

Ivan Navas first spoke of his delight at what Luke had achieved by coming in the top five in the UK in the three subjects. The overall pass rate at Bayside (A to C grades) was 64%.

“The results does not vary that much from last year and proves we continue to do very well.”

Mr Navas said ICT as a subject was gathering momentum because of its importance in social terms.

History was another subject which kept growing as did technology.

“We must congratulate the whole teaching profession as well as the students,” and pointed out that it was important to highlight that Bayside did not screen the boys when it came to taking exams.

“We allow a lot of boys to take exams and even by doing that we achieve these results and this is important,” he said

The total number of entries for Bayside was 1331. English Literature saw 50 students achieve a 100% pass rate A to C.

In Physics 38 students achieved an 84% pass rate A to C, with 108 students achieving 97% in A to C pass rates.

At Westside Deputy Head designate, Michael Grech, was just as pleased about the students in his school. The overall pass rate here (A to C) was similar to last year at 67%.

“The results are very much as expected with no major differences and we are very pleased with the exams. Three girls achieved As and A Stars. 49% got A Stars.”

It is a good set of results and we are now looking forward to the next stage,” he said pointing out that the intake at A Level will probably be reasonably high but what will make the difference will be options chosen by the students.

The total number of entries for Westside was 1371. English Literature saw 81 students achieving a pass rate A to C of 96%. 130 students sat the Science Double Award achieving a 91% pass rate A to C.

Principal at the Gibraltar College Victor Hermida said the overall results at the college had been fantastic.

The College caters for its own students and a large number of private candidates as well.

In both GCSEs and GNVQs the college achieved an 88% pass rate A to E.

There were 280 exams sat this year at the College which achieved a pass rate of 48% A to C.

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