Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Former Spy Chief tipped for key anti-terrorist role, says The Times

Gibraltar Governor among the favorites

Gibraltar Governor Sir Francis Richards is the front-runner for a top intelligence post that will play a key role in the prevention of more suicide bombings in Britain, according to an article in yesterday’s The Times newspaper article.

Sir Francis a former head of GCHQ the government signals intelligence centre, is being linked to the post of chairman of the Cabinet Office Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), which, says the newspaper, “provides Tony Blair and his most senior Cabinet colleagues with a ‘red book’ of intelligence each week.” Its role is to assess and give early warning of developments likely to affect Britain’s interests.

The JIC also advises on priorities for intelligence gathering to counter the threat of international terrorism.

Other front-runners for the job include Sir Peter Torry and Sir Nigel Sheinwald.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the Governor declined to confirm or deny the story, limiting himself to saying that this was the first that the Governor had heard of this.

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