Thursday, August 18, 2005

Floating concrete for Queensway Island

The first floating concrete casings to be used in construction of The Island arrived in Gibraltar from Spain this week.

The casings, known as caissons, will form a key element of the foundations of the luxury housing development, which is being built opposite Queensway Quay and is already well under way.

They were built by construction company DRACE on a site in Campamento known as Crinavis and are being towed individually to Gibraltar by sea.

The first caissons were moored alongside the Detached Mole and will soon be installed as part of the ongoing work being carried out by Dutch company Van Oord.

The caissons are modest constructions by comparison to some of the other work that has been carried out in Crinavis.

Algeciras has carved a niche for itself in the construction of maritime structures made from concrete. The overriding factor that makes the Spanish port attractive for this type of project is its sheltered deep water. Some of these projects are of truly mammoth proportions, as are the benefits they generate locally, particularly in terms of jobs.

La Condamine in Monaco - Photo courtesy of DRACE Construcciones Especiales y Dragados SA
It all started with the world’s largest floating dock, which was built in Crinavis and is now part of the port of La Condamine in Monaco. It weighed 165,000 tonnes, measured 325 metres in length and took 700 people three years to build. On the back of that, Spanish construction firms won new business.

The site is currently being used to build a floating concrete platform that will accommodate a liquefied natural gas re-gasification plant to be situated off the coast of Italy. The platform will measure 180 metres in length, 80 metres in width and 47 metres in height. It will take two years to build and will generate 500 direct jobs. Once completed, it will be towed to the Adriatic and positioned in place, after which the remaining superstructure will be installed before operations can start.

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