Thursday, August 25, 2005

Festival revival well received by public, says Carseni

Public reaction to the idea of reviving the Gibraltar Song Festival has been very positive, local US based businessman Joe Carseni said to the Chronicle yesterday.

Mr Carseni, a former winner of one of the earlier editions of the festival who went on to become a successful touring artist in UK and several European countries, said he had received various inquiries from local singers like Andrea Martin and the Valerga Brothers expressing an interest in the idea.

He also declared that the format of the festival would be of the more conventional type of ballad rather than for purely pop or rock styles.

“My aim is to form a committee to get the ball rolling so that we can stage the event next year or in 2007,” he declared.

Initially his intention is to keep the festival local and move away from the external selection procedures which is believed to have killed off local interest, since when this was done by BASCA (British Academy of Composers & Songwriters), it resulted in only UK entries making it to the final.

“We want it to be as professional as possible but not as a money making venture but as a launching pad for local talent.

I had the opportunity and was able to take advantage of it. I want this to be a show-case for local artists.

However once the festival was established, Mr Carseni believes it could be upgraded into a professional event but this would have to be done “cautiously.

The idea is to put Gibraltar on the music map.”

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