Friday, August 05, 2005

Feetham was already on the other side, says Bossano

Joe Bossano, leader of the GSLP/Liberal alliance, yesterday preferred not to comment in any detail on news of the merger.

“We react to things that the government does, not to things that political parties do,” he told the Chronicle.

“And as far as the GSLP is concerned, Mr Feetham stood against us in the last election and therefore, once he did that as far as we are concerned, he’s already on the other side.

But I think you need to remember that on the last day of the last election, in the last debate we had, when Mr Feetham started criticising the performance of the GSLP, what I said to him was that if that was how he felt, he might as well join the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats).”

Mr Bossano said it was too soon to say what impact the move by the GSD and Labour would have on Gibraltar’s political make-up.

“I think it’s not possible to predict, really, what the effect will be in the next election,” he said.

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