Friday, August 05, 2005

Clean up the World meeting

By Alice Mascarenhas

The Environmental Safety Group organising Gibraltar's
The first community meeting to plan for the Clean up the World weekend in September will be held this evening.

It is estimated that some 520 groups from 108 countries are currently planning for this special weekend which will be take place in the middle of next month.

This is the first time that Gibraltar will be involved in this world event which is being organised locally by the Environmental Safety Group (ESG).

Already many community groups and government services have pledged their support for the weekend of the 17 and 18 of September. (Volunteers see below)

The ESG plan to hold a green parade and exhibition at the start of the weekend to encourage the participation of the younger members of the community. Issues such as litter, pollution, wildlife, recycling and many others will be highlighted during the event which will feature music, dance and the relevant environmental themes.

This evening's meeting is to start co-ordinating and working towards the Clean Up The World Weekend. Already plans are well underway.

Anyone interested in being part of the event, and helping out should go along to the meeting which starts at 8pm. (If you are not able to go to the meeting, see below) The office is next to the Heritage Trust Offices, John Mackintosh Square.

The aim of the campaign is to help make local environments a cleaner and healthier place for people to live in. This year Clean Up The World is encouraging participants to pay particular attention to the state of the world’s cities and urban communities.

The ESG considers that such a community minded project could work very well in a place like Gibraltar, where, due to its size, a strong community effort could be very successful indeed.

ESG's Janet Howitt stressed:

“Isolated or individual efforts go on all the time, but a structured event such as this provides an opportunity for more to be done and for spin-offs to continue beyond the weekend itself.

Given the fact that the ESG always talks about community awareness and participation, this type of campaign fits in squarely with much of its aims to include and educate and promote environmental awareness within the community.”

Information on the clean up actions around the Rock plus the rest of the world will be provided at the Piazza.

“Members from the community are invited and encouraged to take part in both the clean ups and the green parade. Coming as it does, a week after our National Day, it will show the world how we as a community look after our home and environment,” she added.

If you are willing to help or would like further information but cannot get to the Piazza or the Meeting, contact ESG: Janet Howitt on 43156 or Ernest Teuma on 74467.

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