Monday, August 08, 2005

Changes to “unfair" points system come into effec, says Gibraltar Government

Housing waiting list

Minister for Housing Clive Beltran has announced the coming into effect of the recently published change to the housing waiting list points system.

In a statement to the Chronicle, Mr Beltran said the new arrangements will remedy “a system that had become unfair and was open to abuse.”

Mr Beltran said:

“The change introduced yesterday is designed to prevent people on the waiting list from being overtaken unfairly.

People on the list will now get a greater number of additional “waiting time” points every year.

In addition, people who have been home owners and who have chosen to sell their homes will not be entitled to go on the public waiting list unless, in the judgement of the Housing Allocation Committee, the sale was genuinely necessary or there is some other justification for being readmitted.

Furthermore no tenant will be allowed to earn “overcrowding” points when other people who have sold their home move in with them, unless the Housing Allocation Committee rule that the sale was genuinely necessary.

Whilst the new waiting points will now be added to the housing waiting lists retrospectively, they will however, not adversely affect the position in the list of the first 10 people on each waiting list.

I am confident that this positive step will go a long way in remedying a system that had become unfair and open to abuse. The operation of the amended system will be kept under review and if necessary modified in the light of experience.

Copies of the amended scheme will be available to members of the public from the Ministry for Housing Offices in the City Hall as from today.”


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