Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Camp Bay users react to Government move

A group of Camp Bay users have written to the Gibraltar Tourist Board (GTB) requesting a meeting to discuss their grievances regarding the state of the beach.

It follows the Gibraltar Government’s decision last week to quash the crude and much criticised system of reservations, where people have been known to go as far as chaining beach umbrellas to tables [even large rocks have been utilised] for days on end, to claim their spot on the beach.

The Government’s action to stop this long standing practice has been well received by the vast majority of public opinion including visitors to the Rock.

Meanwhile a group of Camp Bay users have organised a petition of signatures to promote their views. A spokesman for the petitioners said:

“There are several factors which are hindering the public from full enjoyment of this beach.

Some of us have been attending Camp Bay for at least forty years and we are concerned about the state of the beach.

This is what we want to bring to the attention of the tourism authorities.”

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