Saturday, August 06, 2005

AFH denounce “shameful" housing situation

Pressure group Action for Housing is to hold a public meeting within the next few weeks to draw attention to the housing problems faced by a former Gibraltarian drug addict.

Speaking to the Chronicle yesterday group spokesman Juan Pecino said that they will also consider plans for a protest demonstration “against the lack of cheap rental accommodation in Gibraltar,” and reminded the current Government that during the GSLP (Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party) administration “we also took out seven hundred people to the streets to complain about the same problem.”

Mr Pecino said:

“On July 9th 2005, Christine Dellipiani suffered a fire in her house and now, after four weeks, the Housing Department has still not offered her alternative dwelling, ignoring the recommendations and representations made by our group at all levels and on a daily basis.

We consider this a lack of respect and at the same time a provocation on the part of the Ministry for Housing toward our organisation and the affected persons.

Christine Dellipiani has two children and has just finished a rehabilitation programme at Bruces Farm. We believe that the Ministry for Housing should attend to these problems more seriously instead of totally ignoring them.

We would like to inform the Government that we are left with no option but to call a public meeting as we consider this to be shameful.

It is also shameful to see the Gibraltar Government politically justifying the construction of super luxury apartments and houses while our senior citizens, the infirm and the working class have been suffering for years and years on the waiting list.

The GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) Government has never constructed houses for renting in order to alleviate the problem and offer a solution to problems such as that faced by Ms Dellipiani.”

Government dealing with the case

Responding to Chronicle questions a Gibraltar Government spokesman said:

“We wish to make the following clarification:

The Ministry for Housing is fully aware of Christine Dellipiani’s case and her current circumstances.

This has been properly processed as quickly as possible and within the framework of rules applicable.

It should be noted that the case does not involve a situation of homelessness since Miss Dellipiani is currently residing with her parents. In addition the affected flat will be refurbished as quickly as possible.

The Ministry for Housing continues to carefully listen to suggestions and comments made by Action for Housing, and though subject to its own inquiries, at all times will endeavour to do its utmost to assist and help those with genuine housing problems. This has been and will continue to be seriously pursued with respect to all public housing matters.”

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