Thursday, July 07, 2005

UK reiterates MoD position on privatisation of jobs

House of Lords

Just a day after the June 29 MOD protest demonstration the House of Lords was told how the British Government intends to continue with its contractorisation plans.

Lord Astor of Hever asked whether the Ministry of Defence had any consultations with the Gibraltar Government and the relevant trade unions in advance of their “improved efficiency” and contractorisation plans.

Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence (Lord Drayson) responded saying that the Gibraltar Infrastructure Service Provider (ISP) contractorisation plans “were decided without prior consultation, as provided for in the Ministry of Defence rules and set out in the personnel manual.”

He said that the MoD continues to comply fully with the requirement to consult on the detailed implementation of its contractorisation plans “in accordance with the recognised Ministerial prerogative consultation procedure”. He also said that the MoD has no specific plans to make any of its staff redundant because of the ISP contractorisation plans.

“It is not possible to say how many of the 296 staff in scope to transfer will actually be retained by the successful bidder until the tender process has completed and the evaluation team has scrutinised individual bids. However, this is a matter for the contractor and not the MoD.

The House of Lords was told that “invitations to tender for the infrastructure service provider (ISP) contract have not yet been issued.

The Ministry of Defence has no specific plans to transfer any existing jobs held by the people of Gibraltar to Spanish workers.

It is too early to estimate what resources any potential contractor will need to deliver required outputs.”

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