Friday, July 29, 2005

TGWU/Prospect to meet MoD officials in UK next week

Naval base contractorisation dispute

Local union leaders will travel to the UK this weekend ahead of a meeting with senior Ministry of Defence officials next Monday on the Naval Base privatisation plan.

A spokesman for the MoD’s Permanent Joint Headquarters [PJHQ] in Northwood said Susan Scholefield, PJHQ Command Secretary, would likely lead the ministry’s team at the talks.

Ms Scholefield is one of the top four officials in Northwood and provides policy, legal, presentational, financial and civilian human resources advice to the most senior officer at PJHQ, the Chief of Joint Operations Air Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy.

Local and UK representatives of both the Transport and General Workers’ Union and Prospect are expected to attend the meeting.

It will take place two weeks after UK Defence Secretary Dr John Reid discussed the Gibraltar privatisation plan with senior UK representatives of the TGWU and Prospect during recent talks on a wide range of human resource issues.

At the time Dr Reid described the talks as “very useful” and said he would respond in detail to the points raised by the unions “very shortly” with a view to reaching an agreed way forward.

Meanwhile in yesterday’s House of Assembly report on the MoD contractorisation, the reference to the case which led to a Supreme Court ruling, should have read “TGWU AND Prospect” as the parties bringing forward the case.

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