Thursday, July 28, 2005

Support for TEP plan holders

The House of Assembly yesterday passed an ordinance relating to legal assistance that is designed to provide one-off legislative support to TEP plan holders.

The ordinance, which is “ring-fenced” to make it specific to TEP plan holders, amends existing legislation and is carefully worded to ensure that it does not pre-determine any of the legal issues in question.

Its aim is to enable people who might otherwise be unable to afford it to proceed with their claims in court using government-funded legal assistance.

It makes “special provision for claims of a legally-assisted person which are the subject of a group litigation order under the Civil Procedure Rules in accordance with public interest requirements,” the explanatory memorandum to the ordinance states.

The opposition backed the move, though opposition member Fabian Picardo said it was “long overdue”.

Chief Minister Peter Caruana, countered that the ordinance stemmed from “general” requests from TEP plan holders for help and that it would have been wrong for the government to rush through measures on such a complex and sensitive issue.

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