Saturday, July 30, 2005

Spanish Police declare go-slow at Frontier

Dispute with PSOE Govt

Gibraltar - La Linea Frontier - Spanish police trade unions have declared a work-to-rule as from August 1st 2005
Spanish police trade unions, the SUP (Sindicato Unificado de Policia) and UFP (Union Federal Policia), have declared a work-to-rule as from August 1st following a break-down in negotiations with the Spanish central government.

The industrial action is likely to have adverse consequences for frontier flow, causing greater delays in traffic and pedestrian crossings than has been the norm in recent times.

In a statement issued yesterday, the police unions said they had decided to step up their protest as a result of what they described as alleged “inaction, lack of interest and dishonesty of the Socialist Government,” whom they accuse of having reneged on a signed agreement with the national police unions.

Aerial view of Gibraltar airport and Frontier customs crossing with Spain at the top of picture - Image courtesy of Travel Shots
It will not only be frontier flow that is targeted by the disgruntled policemen.

The presentation of ‘denuncias’ at La Linea’s police headquarters and the processing of documents such as ID’s, passports etc, will also be slowed down, with negative effects for the general public across the border.

In a statement the police unions say “the socialist government lacks all credibility with the security forces in Spain at a time when international terrorism has captured world-wide attention.”

They say that now governments in Europe are adequately reinforcing and strengthening their security forces, “the PSOE Government creates despondency and lack of motivation in our ranks.”


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