Monday, July 25, 2005

Scouts speak out against youth vandalism

Reaction to club-house burglary

Gibraltar Scouts have spoken out against the actions of under-aged youths in the area of Wellington Front, following a break in suffered at their premises.

The Scouts have declared that “illegal activities” including under-aged drinking and drug taking “to name a few,” take place there during the night.

Leaders of the 1st/4th Gibraltar Scout Group were notified of a possible break-in at their headquarters at Wellington Front on Wednesday, and subsequently discovered that over £300 has been stolen, lockers had been forced open and items were thrown all over the floor.

It is understood the thieves had lifted a metal grill protecting a first floor window to gain entry into the premises.

The Scouts spokesman said:

“This amount does not take into consideration the money now required to repair all the damage caused. Our van was vandalised back in February this year. Do we need to install an alarm system? Now who’s going to pay for that?”

The group is currently fundraising to go to Italy next summer and says it “cannot afford setbacks like these which hinder our chances of attending.”

In its statement yesterday the Scouts pointed out that Wellington Front was an area which suffered from inadequate lighting at night.

The statement said:

“Especially since groups of drunken underage youths are often seen in the area smashing their empty bottles creating a hazard for young children who play in the area.

The roof of Wellington Front is another cause for concern with groups of youths again participating in illegal acts. Drinking and smoking drugs just to name a few.”

Meanwhile the Scouts have thanked the RGP for their quick response to the scene, and asked potential eye-witnesses to contact them or the police with any information.


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