Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Police to curb dangerous use of jet skis in beahces

Warning to persistent offenders

Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) Marine Section has said it will be strictly enforcing the Seashore Pleasure Rules this summer, while persistent offenders will risk having their vessels “impounded.”

According to the RGP this is part of a police effort “to curb the dangerous and inconsiderate use of Jet Skis or other fast vessels.”

Meanwhile the Police has also expressed concern in relation to the “inconsiderate and dangerous use of Jet Skis within the proximity of bathers” and other vessels within the proximity of the beaches and inside the Port area and Admiralty Waters.

An RG Police spokesman said:

“While not wishing to curtail what is otherwise an enjoyable water sport practiced by law-abiding citizens, the RGP is determined to ensure that the safety of bathers and compliance with our laws is maintained and enforced.”

He continued:

“A number of complaints were made to the police by members of the public using Western Beach in relation to the speed that some Jet Skis were being navigated within the proximity of bathers and as a result of which two persons were reported for the offence of exceeding the speed limit of five knots within the area adjacent to the beach.

Two other persons were similarly reported for the same offence within restricted Admiralty Waters inside the harbour.

The law regulating the use of vessels requires that the navigator of a high-speed craft (a vessel capable of exceeding 15 knots) conduct themselves in such a way as to avoid endangering or inconveniencing bathers or other pleasure boat users.

The RGP wish to remind owners of such vessels that they can obtain a ‘safety at sea’ booklet, published by the Marine Section of the RGP, free of charge from either New Mole or Central Police Station. This booklet will also be available at Public Utility premises.

Similarly the Seaside Pleasure Boat Rules can be obtained from the Government Legislation Web Page on the internet.”

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