Saturday, July 02, 2005

New Sports Hall

Gibraltar’s new £8.5m Tercentenary Sports Hall is now virtually finalised with contractors at the snagging phase of the works.

Partial use of the hockey pitch is imminent, Sports Minister Clive Beltran has confirmed

The facilities will include a water based hockey pitch and training area, multi-sports courts including tennis, squash and paddle. Golf putting and nets will be provided.

There will also be facilities for non-motor water based sports such as rowing, sailing and a jogging course open to the public and general playing area with goals, for children.

Speaking to the Chronicle Mr Beltran said:

“This is a huge investment by Government in their own sports facilities.

The comment from visiting sportsmen is that we have very high standard facilities.

The playing surfaces for hockey and football are of international standard and in the latter case even approved by FIFA.”

Mr Beltran said that visitors are impressed by the fact that the use of these facilities will be free of charge.

“Nowhere in Europe can you get access to such facilities on the basis of one booking,” added the Minister.


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