Thursday, July 07, 2005

Moroccan workers welcome ‘Minorities Minister'

Moroccan Worker’s Association (MWA) has welcomed the news that Dr Bernard Linares will hold a portfolio for minority issues in his current ministry.

The MWA said it is all too aware of the “extreme difficulties that it faces” and believes this to be a positive step.

“For too long now it has been near impossible to properly co-ordinate the great efforts required in order to effectively address minority issues - for example the continued failures to pool together relevant Government departments to reach and implement an agreed decision is a glaring case in point. This vital coordinating role must feature high in the set of goals of this portfolio.”

The MWA said it is encouraging groups and individuals concerned with minority issues to take up the opportunities created by this new portfolio and they express expectations that there will also be results.

Azeddine Mesloul a spokesman for the MWA said they were delighted that the responsibility for this portfolio should rest with Dr Linares “a proven man of the people who is always predisposed to dialogue, most understanding and committed to the cause of natural justice.”

Mohamed Sarsri the president of the MWA is currently in Morocco following the sad and sudden death of his wife.


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