Saturday, July 02, 2005

Montiel reveals Prospect membership is a ‘lowly 65’

TGWU blasts Tampin “protagonism”

Inter-Union rivalries are surfacing in the wake of Wednesday’s demonstration against MoD contractorisation, as the TGWU accused their white-collar colleagues at Prospect of trying “to steal protagonism from our members.”

In a statement issued yesterday, District Officer Luis Montiel said the TGWU/ACTS holds negotiating rights for the MoD, while expressing surprise that “Prospect with only 65 members should come out publicly and give the impression that they have been the important factor in the organisation.”

Mr Montiel declared it is his union that has “at all times” provided the human and economic resources in the campaign against contractorisation.

The District Officer stated it had been agreed that the Gibraltar Trades Council would make public statements of thanks on behalf of all the unions, but Prospect “a minority union has seen fit to break the ranks.” Mr Montiel calls on Prospect Branch Secretary Michael Tampin “to rectify.”

Meanwhile a TGWU delegation led by Luis Montiel will be attending their Union’s Biennial Delegates Conference in UK next week.

“We will grab the opportunity to put to the conference the situation regarding our MoD workers.”

Furthermore Transport House through its MOD Convenor Victor Ochello said yesterday that over 10,000 signatures had been collected in Gibraltar in support of the Union’s moves to oppose MOD contractorisation.

Tampin “shocked by TGWU statement

Asked to comment on the contents of the TGWU communiqué, Prospect Branch Secretary Michael Tampin confessed to being “in a state of shock” but declined to comment further. “We will issue a statement next week,” he added.

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