Saturday, July 23, 2005

Montagu Gardens arson investigation continues

Two men arrested on suspicion of arson last May in relation to the fire in Montagu Gardens are due to appear again at New Mole House police station in the coming weeks.

The Royal Gibraltar Police, which continues with its investigation into the fire, will then have three options in relation to the two suspects. If sufficient evidence has been collected, the men could be charged. Alternatively, if there is not enough material to link them to the fire, they could be released. The last option is for the police to apply to the Attorney General for permission to release the men on bail again while enquiries into the incident continue.

Very little information has been released at this stage about the focus of the police investigation into the fire, which occurred last April 26th.

The blaze forced residents of Montagu Gardens to be evacuated and destroyed 16 vehicles – including eight motorcycles and eight cars - in an underground car park in a block on the estate.

Two letterboxes, a notice board and some artificial plants were also damaged by a second, smaller fire in a foyer of the same block of flats.

Since then, police officers have been conducting a wide-ranging investigation into the incident, which from the onset was treated as an arson attack. Last May, the police carried out house searches during which a number of items were seized. Two men were subsequently arrested, though not charged, and bailed to appear at the police station at a later date, the RGP said at the time.

A police spokesman said on Friday that extensive and intensive enquiries into the fire continued, but could offer no further details on the investigation.

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