Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Man critically ill after serious car crash

Weekend road accidents

A young English man is critically ill in hospital following a serious car crash in Prince Edward’s road on Saturday.

The car appears to have been travelling at high speed when it glanced off a parked vehicle before ploughing into the back of a stationary flatbed truck close to the top of Forty Steps.

“It was like an explosion,” said one eyewitness.

The impact pushed the truck into the middle of the road and into the back of another parked vehicle, which was rammed into a wall.

Brigade laboured for over an hour to free the driver, who is 19 years old. They used powered mechanical cutters to remove the roof of the vehicle and at one point had to hose the engine when it started to smoulder.

The man was treated on the scene by ambulance staff and a doctor from St Bernard’s Casualty Department, before being taken to hospital. He was taken to Cádiz over the weekend but is now back in intensive care at St Bernard’s Hospital.

The passenger in the vehicle, a 20-year old male, also sustained injuries, though they were not as serious as the driver’s.

Just before the accident, two police officers escorting an articulated lorry up Europa Road had seen the vehicle speeding past in the opposite direction.

The incident was one of three serious accidents over the weekend. On Friday night, two local men, aged 22 and 29, were taken to hospital after their car crashed into a tree on Rosia Road, close to Peralta’s Supermarket. Both men reportedly fled the scene after the accident but were later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. One of them was treated in Cádiz over the weekend.

Early on Sunday morning, a 22-year old woman driving on her own was involved in an accident on Lover’s Lane. Her vehicle crashed into a lamppost and almost knocked it over. The woman managed to get out of the car on her own before collapsing nearby. Her injuries, however, were not life threatening.


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