Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jazz from ‘Downside'

Jazz is enormously popular at Downside. The Slaughterhouse Seven is Downside’s Sixth-Form jazz band and has played all over the world.
Jazz Varieties' is the newest CD released by the international jazz band that is performing in Gibraltar for the first time.

The band consists of nine male members who have been picked from Downside School, a Roman Catholic boarding school situated twelve miles south of Bath.

Members can enter from the age of 14 and the eldest member in the band is 21 years old.

The boys are trained from a very young age by Chaff Burns, who has been in the music industry for over 30 years. Mr Burns ensures his boys play worldwide having already entertained audiences on tour in Malta, New Zealand and Spain.

Their music is influenced by famous jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong and John Polack.

One of the band members remarked how jazz provided a relaxing atmosphere for all who listened - from ‘dinner jazzes’ to ‘rock’n’roll’ fusion-jazz. Listening to the band were some of the musicians mothers who commented, ”they have jazz in their bones.”

One of the band members is Gibraltarian Barty Isola who plays guitar and banjo. In the near future, three more Gibraltarians will join the group, Sebastian Isola, Max Gaggero and Jeremy Evans.


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