Saturday, July 02, 2005

Holliday made Deputy Chief Minister

Changes in the ruling GSD party

Minister for Trade, Industry and Communications Joe Holliday was yesterday appointed Deputy Chief Minister of the Government of Gibraltar

The surprise move that was announced without prior warning or explanation in a brief official statement, fills the gap left after the previous incumbent Keith Azopardi decided not to stand at the last election.

The Chronicle reported yesterday (see Article link below) that Mr Holliday had been made party leader of the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) at last Monday’s executive meeting by a unanimous vote.

Political analysts view this as a strengthening of Mr Holliday’s position in the party in anticipation of Daniel Feetham joining the GSD, and prior to a ministerial reshuffle which has been on the cards for weeks.

The other major factor in the equation is Mr Azopardi and his supporters in the executive who are expected to announce their exit from the GSD if and when the ‘merger’ with the Labour Party goes ahead.

It is understood Mr Holliday’s appointment was backed unanimously by the council of ministers and GSD executive.

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